Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend! After a summer season of up and down temperatures, rainfall, thunderstorms and hail, the weatherman sure hit this weekend's forecast out of the park.

I have to tell you all, Carolynn called me this morning to tell me the information for Thimbleberries Club 2009 arrived in the mail today. I just had to come over and see the charm packs and, it is absolutely wonderful! There will be three colorways - traditional, bright, and light. I'm not sure which one I'll chose for my sample - they're all so beautiful.

Stay tuned as we fine tune and streamline our Thimbleberries Club here at the Eden Creative Sewing Center for 2009. I believe we have one of the strongest clubs in the country, full of interested and creative quilters who never cease to amaze me with their ideas.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope to see you all soon at Carolynn's!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Let The Fun Begin!

Good Friday to you all! First and fore most I want to thank all of you who showed up to my pre-wedding party at the Eden Creative Sewing Center! I was truly surprised when I saw all of you come in and wanting to meet my soon to be Bride. I heard that this has been planned for quite some time and was to be a surprise for me. Well, let me tell you how surprised I was! Thank you to Carolynn and Paul for allowing all of this to happen. Thank you to our customers for the gifts and support that you brought with you. Words just can not explain how thankful that I am to know all of you and to have you as a part of me. It is like I have many many Mothers in my life! And I will tell you all that are reading this that there is nothing wrong with having many mothers! :)

Now on to the store news. This past week was great! We have seen a great interest in our Bag Lady Theme. We are trying to keep up with all of the stitch outs so that there is a variety of different panels that you can choose from. If you have not seen our website yet, go check it out! You will see the first three (3) ladies that have completed their bags! The Eden Creative Sewing Center Bag Ladies!!! Great Job Ladies!

If you have not heard about our bag ladies, than I hope you call and get more information on it. There will be many different specials throughout the rest of the year that will be exclusive to the ECSC Bag Ladies. So I suggest that if you have not gotten your panel yet hurry now to get your rewards!

If you have not heard or seen that the ECSC has placed all of there sewing machines and sergers on SALE! If you did not take advantage of the 50% Sale on ALL MACHINES this past Wednesday, I'm sorry. For those that did take advantage of it CONGRATULATIONS!! Pricing will be going up on everything at the ECSC as of August 11th 2008. New machines will be entering our store after the Pfaff Convention. If you have not seen or heard of what new machines are coming out, check out the teasers on the pfaff website at: and click on the different teasers.

I will be back in a week after my Honeymoon to tell you about the new items and machines that have made it to the Eden Sewing Center. One of them at the Eden Creative Sewing Center is the new QBot for the Next Generation Quilt Frame. Stop on in and check it out!

I have to let you all go and get ready for my big day this Saturday! Thank you all again for all the support that you have given and continue to give to the ever growing family that I have! Thank you all.

See Ya Soon!